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    Putting string from Golftakeaway

    How to use putting string to sink more putts

    If you’re like me one of the more interesting places to hang around during one of the big events is the practice greens. There you find all sorts of contraptions used to correct the tempo, focus the putt and control the line into the cup. One of the simplest you’ll find in use is the simple putting string. Paul Nicholls discusses this simple set up.

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    Tips to help video and analyse your golf game!

    Tips to help video and analyse your golf game!

    Hello world!

    I’m excited to say that this is the first article on the Golftakeaway Blog. I wanted to write our first article on how to use your videoing device in the most efficient way so you can maximise improving your game. Obviously I’m going to be biased and suggest purchasing a Golfstikcam as it would simplify videoing and analysing your game immediately! But back to the title at hand. Even though it sounds simple to video your game and analyse it correctly, it’s something which I often see players of nearly all abilities easily overlook. So here are my 5 key steps on how to video and analyse your game:

    1- Understand that the main angles we want to video from are either from down the line (DTL) or from face on( FO). DTL means videoing from behind the target you're aiming at. FO means videoing perpendicular from the target you're aiming towards so that if the golfer was in his/her stance and looked up they would be looking at you.

    2- The height, distance and angle from which you video at are very important. If you video too close/far away or too low/high or at the wrong angle it will give you the wrong feedback. What you want is to set up your video at around 5 yards away(4.5m), the camera height should be between your chest and your hands (in a golf stance) and at an angle directly on your hand line from DTL or square on to your chest from FO. For example, if you were to video too high and too close and to the right of your hand line from DTL, to the golfer analysing their video it will look as though the club is going underneath the ‘plane’ of the golf swing. You might be swinging great, but because you’ve video’d from the wrong spot you're getting inaccurate data about your game. This is why it’s so significant!

    3- Everyone will go about analysing their games differently. However, just one piece of advice. I’d suggest getting a template which either you or your coach like. Your coach should show you the difference between what you do and what they do and what they want you to improve/get closer to achieving. So get a player and compare your swing either in frames or in full swing, to them. This will help visualise and show you what you do compared to what you need to get to.

    4- Making sure your camera frame rate is set to the right amount will help improve your analysis. With a higher frame rate your be able to see more about your swing and in more detail. 30fps is standard, 60fps or even 1080fps is even better if your device can do this - check the settings.

    5- Finally find an app which is simple, clear and can store your swings. I would suggest either v1 golf or Coach’s eye .

    I hope these key points for how to video and analyse your game has helped. They might sound simple, but understanding and doing them will make a massive difference!

    Golftakeaway out😎