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    Founded in 2018 Golftakeaway both creates and selects quality golf products that innovate the game of golf.

    Our small development team considers all aspects of the game from the golf swing to putting. 

    One of the first items we designed was the Golfstikcam to support a mobile phone or Gopro camera to allow the capture of a golf swing for ‘slow mo’ analysis. The product idea first came to us when my son propped his phone up to take the golf swing and inevitably it fell and the screen broke. Golfstikcam delivers an elegant, super light shaft with an optional detachable foot stand which easily fits into a golf bag. Of course it has other attachments to make it much much more.

    Other designs followed including the Dryisotope range- rain is a big problem in Europe (or Florida!) so drying both expensive wet golf shoes and a wet golf bag after a competition ready for the next day needed an innovative solution.

    Housed in our purpose built development building, we continue to design new products based around our experience and feedback on the requirements of today's modern golfer.

    We are a manufacturer and not a 'drop shipping' company and where possible we work on a 2-3 day delivery service from the UK although we do have customers around the world where shipping takes a little longer!

    As a British company producing quality products for a global audience we understand that our customers make us the success we are so customer service is paramount. 

    We hope you continue to watch the product developments at Golftakeaway and should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us directly at info@golftakeaway.com