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    The Dryisotope® has been designed to assist the golfer with your 'wet weather woes'. We have all experienced a wet golf bag - left damp the golf bag quickly rots or emits an unpleasant odour as mould develops in its damp interior. With the Dryisotope you simply place the perforated cylinder into one of the sections of the golf bag and let its drying silica interior do the rest.

    Dryisotope uses the power of 'adsorption' to remove the water. Small silica gel beads in a special bag attract the humid air and due to the numerous cracks and imperfections of the silica, water attaches to the surface of the silica and penetrates into all its imperfections. The electron microscope image below shows the surface area.

    The Dryisotope interior bag can adsorb as much as 34% of its own weight in water overnight without any power leaving your golf bag dry and ready for use the next day. 

    To refresh the Dryisotope® golf bag dryer simply twist off the top and place the bag into a 600W microwave for two sessions of 3-5  minutes or a warm oven at 300F/150C for 1 hour, the water evaporates and you are ready to go again!

    Remember to let it cool off before inserting into the stainless steel container.