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    Dryisotope have developed a convenient no power drying process for shoes of all types.

    Contained within a custom designed stainless steel cage is a removeable interior carbon fibre bag. Inside the bag are silica gel beads which have the capacity to 'adsorb' (not absorb) up to 34% of their own weight in water. Adsorption means the water sits on the surface of the silica bead and with so many beads with a very porous structure, the beads hold water and this can easily be removed in a microwave or oven.

    To use simply place the Dryisotope stainless steel cage including the bag into the wet shoe and leave overnight. In 8 hours and without any power the Dryisotope removes the water with the added feature that such a slow gently drying method doesn't cause the leather or material of the shoe to become hard as with traditional methods.

    The Dryisotope is useful for wet golf shoes, gym shoes, orientating boots, ski boots, riding boots and school shoes.

    To refresh the Dryisotope® simply twist off the top and place the bag into a 600W microwave for two sessions of 3 minutes or a warm oven at 300F/150C for 1 hour, the water evaporates and you are ready to go again!