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    The Golfstikcam® enables golfers to use their mobile phones accurately and safely to record golf swing and putting analysis - it is so light and strong it simply sits in your golf bag ready for use. In addition this provides a stable base to use phone apps such as V1 or other analytical golf aids available for your mobile phone.

    The Golfstikcam® is made from one of the lighted materials available - graphite, that's why we call it 'feather weight'. No-one appreciates extra weight in their golf bag. This precision made shaft is similar to some of the best golf shafts in use today, only this time it has been specially formulated to support your mobile phone. It is both light and extremely durable.

    Golfstikcam® uses a three point rotational system to support your mobile phone. The first adjustment plane is the rotational position of the phone in the phone clamp. Once the correct position has been found this can be locked off using the thumb knob on the back of the phone clamp.

    'Up and down angle' of the phone is adjusted and set using the side thumb knob. Finally the Golfstikcam® is attached to the shaft using a belt clamp that tightens the silicon interior to hold the mobile phone in place. Using the belt clamp allows the mobile phone to slide up and down the shaft until the perfect position is found and then locked off. 

    In use the Golfstikcam® can be stabilised by 'sticking' its tapered shaft directly into soft grass or alternatively attached to your golf bag using the secondary shaft clip. In very windy conditions the Golfstikcam® can be both 'stuck' into the ground and supported by the golf bag to provide a very stable filming platform.

     For professionals we provide at an additional cost or as part of the Golfstikcam Pro and Golfstikam Pro Putter a specially designed tripod stand for use on hard concrete surfaces and indoor applications- golf training booth etc. To use the Golfstikcam stand simply stick the shaft into the stand and twist out to remove - it's that simple.

    For additional precise putting action analysis the Golfstikcam is available as the Golfstikcam Pro Putter which allows a safe downward facing positioning of the mobile phone to record the plane action against a putting template. The resultant video recorded on the mobile phone can be reviewed in slow motion to determine the predominant putter face bias of the putting action.

    The Golfstikcam is available in three models according to us:

     Golfstikcam StandardGolfstikcam Pro and Golfstikcam Pro Putter.




    Can the Golfstikcam® hold any phone?

    Golfstikcam® is compatible with:

    - All Apple iPhones (including iPhone X and 6/7/8 Plus)
    - All Samsung Galaxy smartphones
    - All Huawei smartphones
    - All Google smartphones (including all Pixel models)
    - All OnePlus smartphones
    - All HTC smartphones
    - All LG smartphones
    - All Xiaomi smartphones, except Xiaomi Mi Max

    Is your phone not listed above? If it's between 58.6 mm-82 mm (2.32"-3.6") in width, it will be compatible with Golfstikcam®.

    The Golfstikcam supports smartphones measuring from 58.6mm-84.8mm width and up to 8.4mm thick. This covers most phones currently available, from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 6s Plus and Android phones of similar sizes.

    The Golfstikcam also supports the popular GoPro camera.