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    The Golfstikcam laser chalk line must firstly be attached to the Golfstikcam Pro shaft.

    To do this, introduce the laser mount at the bottom of the shaft and then pull up until the mount grips the Golfstikcam firmly.

    Switch on the laser with either 'permanent on' or 'timed laser on' as per the instructions that come with the Golfstikcam laser chalk line.

    The thin red laser line can then be adjusted using the moveable laser end and then locked off in position using the knurled screw.

    Position the Golfstikcam with the laser behind the proposed target and then using the laser line, putt along the line. With a mobile phone or GoPro positioned in the Golfstikcam clamp, the whole putting action can be observed - swing, direction, body position, head position and ball trajectory.

    The Golfstikcam laser is for indoor use only.